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About Sarah’s Slice

I love baking! I could stop there as it pretty much explains my blog but for those who want to know more read on.

I owned a cafe in the town of Cockermouth in Cumbria. We served lunches great local coffee, tea, homemade scones and cake. The cafe gave me the opportunity to perfect many recipes, they needed to be easy and quick to make and never go wrong. Ok sometimes they went wrong so I would adapt the recipe to stop it happening again.

Ill health meant the cafe had to close and for a while I reverted to being a full time mum. During lock-down we moved house and I joined a few foodie Facebook pages, I started to chat and share some of my bakes with others. Now there is a particular make of malt loaf I like, you know the one with the yellow wrapper but I didn’t want to go to the shops during covid and none was available online. This started a marathon of making the perfect malt loaf. I made every recipe I could find but none of them even came close to what I wanted. I started to experiment using bits and pieces from some of the recipes I had tried before adding my own unique twist along the way. 

People on Facebook were telling me I should start a blog and share my recipes, so here it is My little slice of the internet full of bakes that I hope you will enjoy. If you have any questions, collaborations or see something wrong please contact me on social media or drop me an email.


Lets get baking!!!

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